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The Art of Face Mapping


Today, Dr. Karen Lam contributes to our blog with a post about the use of an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique known as face mapping.

Dr. Karen Lam is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as a Licensed Acupuncturist. She has been practicing for close to 20 years and has a special interest in fertility, woman’s health, anti-aging, and pain management.

The face is a map of past experiences and future potential, a map of character and personality.

The face shows what is going on inside the body and the mind... all of which change the “landmarks” of your face. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a well-documented and venerated history of facial diagnosis dating back thousands of years. It originally was used to diagnose illness as part of Traditional Chinese medicine.

This diagnostic tool was primarily used to predict what type of illness a person may be headed for due to the indicators that appear on the face long before tests show what organs are compromised or diseased. The old saying “beauty comes from within” was based on lengthy experience with analysis of outward expression and the clues it provides about internal health or dysfunction.

  • The Tongue represents your Heart energy
  • The Eyes represent your Liver energy
  • The Nose represents your Lung energy
  • The Lips and muscle shape represent your Spleen energy
  • The Ear, teeth and hair represents your Kidney energy

Breakouts, broken blood vessels, eczema and many other skin conditions in each area provide information about the health of these organ systems. Face reading has had a long history in the Western world too; the Greeks were known to study physiognomy (the art of determining characteristics from features of the body) with writings from both Plato and Aristotle.

Acupuncture was partly developed as a method to enable doctors to treat conditions found without touching their patients directly. This was designed to maintain etiquette for the royal household as the great Emperor, his Empress and concubines were able to dream of eternal beauty and life, whilst experiencing regular face mapping and acupuncture renewal.

Available now in our center with Dr. Karen Lam - Cosmetic Acupuncture Renewal treatment combining ancient face mapping, facial acupuncture and modern Rejuveness treatment.

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