Dr. Karen Lam

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist

The body is capable of healing itself. Attending to the deeper layers of ourselves with nourishment, care and patience it can be gently guided to find its path again.

About Dr. Karen Lam

In 1996 Karen Lam graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a General Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist. She joined Integrative as an associate practitioner in 2000. Dr. Lam is educated holistically and uses ancient and modern science based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods for healing.

Dr. Lam has a particular interest in fertility, women’s health and pregnancy, and she is a certified Doula and Aromatherapist. She uses acupuncture, herbal therapy, stress reduction and dietary consulting to assist men and women working with issues related to conception and pregnancy. Dr. Lam offers both prenatal and postpartum care.

Dr. Lam’s practice includes acupuncture, botanical and homeopathic medicines, muscle testing, dietary consultation and a variety of testing methods for food/environmental sensitivities, stress reduction and health balance. She promotes wellness and supports patients going through a myriad of conditions including pain, stress or fatigue, and general family practice issues.

Along with her general practice, she is Integrative’s  lead Rejuveness trainer in our Skin Centre and provides treatments for healthy aging.  For Dr. Lam healthy aging is an area of special interest as TCM philosophy focuses on protecting and nourishing the life-force within.  She has promoted facial rejuvenation since 1996 and provides a whole body and energetic treatment style by combining ancient acupuncture techniques with modern technology. Dr. Lam is one of only a few specially certified in Cosmetic Acupuncture Renewal, which she offers at Integrative. This technique promotes longevity and vitality by observing the “shen”, or inner reflection as seen on the face and selecting particular acupuncture points that improve aesthetic appearance and tone of the face. The facial acupuncture treatment is then enhanced using our Rejuveness System.

In Their Words

The root of true health is held in the layers of ourselves beneath the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Attending to the needs of these deeper resources allows us to heal from within.