Integrative Nail Fungus Therapy

Utilizing an integrative approach to restore health to the nails

Fungal nail infections can become chronic due to a variety of health factors. The Integrative Nail Fungus Program aims to treat both the infection, as well as contributing factors, to improve the health and recovery of our nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need a referral to take part in the Integrative Nail Fungus Program?

    No, you can book-in directly with Dr Jam Caleda to begin the Integrative Nail Fungus Program without a referral.

  • What treatments are included within the Integrative Nail Fungus Program?

    Your Doctor may utilize mechanical debridement, with debridement and laser therapy, a topical antifungal aftercare system, as well as treatments to improve your overall health, such as supplements, intravenous therapy, joint manipulations (adjustments), and dietary changes.

  • Does MSP cover the cost of Integrative Nail Fungus Program visits?

    Integrative Nail Fungus Program visits are booked with a Naturopathic Doctor. If you qualify for Premium Assistance through MSP, you may qualify for a small percentage of your visit cost to be covered by MSP. If you do not qualify for Premium Assistance, MSP does not cover any costs associated with naturopathic visits.

  • Do Extended Health Plans cover tests ordered by my ND as part of the Integrative Nail Fungus Program?

    Certain Extended Health plans cover costs of tests ordered by NDs. We recommend contacting your Extended Healthcare provider prior to your visits to determine your coverage.

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