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The History of Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre

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A unique approach to holistic health

Integrative is one of the first and most successful multidisciplinary complementary health centres in Vancouver. However, we are integrative in more than name alone. Every patient is unique and between people one treatment may not be effective for the same set diagnoses or symptoms. Our Integrative Naturopath Vancouver office strives to provide the highest level of client service and care.
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Proudly serving Vancouver for over 35 years

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Largest Naturopathic clinic in Western Canada

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Host of CNME-Certified Residency Program

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On-site Laboratory, Dispensary, and Aesthetic Centre

“Naturopathic medicine gives me a broad range of tools to address my patients varied health concerns.”

Multiple healing frameworks

Each of the founders originally began as chiropractors but the need for better integrative tools set them on a quest of discovery, which saw the continued expansion of their knowledge with licenses in Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Pharmacology.

With this knowledge and experience, one single practitioner can use multiple healing frameworks to find the best possible method to diagnose and treat any ailment a patient may have – be it in the body, mind or spirit. This is the foundation of the Integrative Model
The Integrative Model

Empowering patients to make the best decisions for their health.

The Integrative Model
The Triad of Health

Considering all components that make up each individual.

Integrative Triad of Health
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The Integrative Team

The Team and Overall Culture

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The Associates

Continuing the Legacy

Our Values

These core values hold true in everything we do


We think patient

This is our most important value. Without this, the others fall apart. It’s no longer enough to just put the patient first, which is why we insist on having you top of mind instead. Putting ourselves in your shoes allows us tackle each and every decision with the mindset of “How does this affect our patients?”

Every person deserves integrity

Your health can be scary at times, and the naturopathic industry is a tricky world to navigate when looking for clear and unbiased advice. Which is why we don’t just ask for your trust. We endeavour to earn it through open and honest Integrative experiences.

Happiness and health start with harmony

Just like a beautifully written piece of music, the human body thrives on natural unity and flow. Our clinic is no different. We believe in building an atmosphere of harmony between staff, practitioners and patients, allowing us to deliver an efficient, enjoyable healthcare experience.

Accountability from all

Without accountability, our clinic lacks the very harmony which we promote. Our staff and doctors own their roles, putting the patient first and supporting each other everyday. But it doesn’t stop there. Once part of the Integrative family, we demand accountability from all patients on their personal health journey. Commitment to treatment plans and an optimistic outlook are part and parcel of Integrative’s naturopathic experience.

The world is better together

Like all great clinics, teamwork is a fundamental component of what we do at Integrative. But we’re not just focusing on our internal operations. We take togetherness to the next level and encourage collaboration between other practitioners and the healthcare industry as a whole. If there is a more experienced specialist for your needs, we’ll happily refer. After all, our industry needs unity, to survive and thrive.

We are all educators and students

Continuous learning and mentorship is a fundamental aspect of what it means to be part of Integrative. We encourage patients, staff and doctors to be curious about their health as well as professional and personal growth. As the first clinic in Vancouver to introduce the Residency Program, we are nurturing the next generation of practitioners and building on the legacy of the Integrative founding partners.

It is our duty to lead

We’ve earned our stripes by delivering the highest quality of naturopathic care in Vancouver. It’s now on us to lead the charge toward building a reputable and safe alternative healthcare system - standing by our methods, treatments and beliefs - and support other practitioners in their growth.

Clarity is our cornerstone

For some, clarity means simple For others, it means thorough. At Integrative, it’s both. We do our best to keep everything simple, clear and easy to digest. From our health explanations to the online booking system, we want you to feel at ease and in the know. Any questions, just ask. We’ll always do our best to clarify.
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The Integrative Centre

We are lucky to call Vancouver home, and even luckier to have views of Georgia Strait, the North Shore mountains, and English Bay from the panoramic windows that line each side of Integrative. Enjoy our spacious reception area, and explore our dispensary for a wide selection of natural supplements, while you wait for your visit.

We extend the concept of integration into the clinic itself, where we house various facilities to serve all of your health needs:

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