Integrative Community Assistance Program

Integrative believes that everyone should have access to healthcare. We are excited to provide low income families and individuals with services that will improve health, aid in prevention, and help with stress.

What is ICAP?

What is the Integrative Community Assistance Program?

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Accessible Naturopathic Healthcare

The Integrative Community Assistance Program (ICAP) is a premium assistance program, providing low-cost naturopathic healthcare to the community in Vancouver and its outlying areas.

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One-on-one support with our Resident Naturopathic Doctor

The ICAP program is offered by the Integrative Residency Program. If you qualify for ICAP, you will become a patient of our current First or Second-Year Resident Naturopathic Doctor.

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What’s included?

Healthcare Services Included in the Integrative Community Assistance Program


Complete Medical and Lifestyle History

As part ICAP, your doctor will take a complete history, gathering details regarding your current and past health concerns, lifestyle, current supplements, and medications.



If needed, your doctor will recommend blood, urine, or saliva tests, either at Integrative, or with your medical doctor. They may also requisition results from testing completed in the past.


Physical Exam

Your Naturopathic Doctor may utilize various physical exam techniques to assess your health, such as measuring vital signs, completely a structural or gait assessment, or listening to your heart. They may complete Applied Kinesiology assessments during your visit to further investigate your health concerns.


Integrative Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan will aim to treat the root cause of your health concerns. Your Naturopathic Doctor will work with you, providing education and guidance with the choices you can make to achieve optimum health.

Important information about ICAP

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Your Participating Practitioners

The Naturopathic Doctors at Integrative are primary care providers with expertise in a wide variety of functional medicine techniques, including Pharmacology, herbal medicine, nutritional science, and acupuncture. This knowledge allows them to apply a truly Integrative approach to each of their unique patients.

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