Neural Prolotherapy in Vancouver

An effective treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain

Neural Prolotherapy treats pain by decreasing inflammation of the subcutaneous nerves – the small nerves that lie just underneath the skin.

A superficial injection of glucose solution along subcutaneous nerves.
Neural prolotherapy may assist repair of the perineurium or outer covering of the nerve, decreasing inflammation of the nerve and the structures deep beneath it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does neural prolotherapy treat?

    Neural prolotherapy treats inflammed peripheral nerves. By treating the peripheral nerves, pain beneath the areas of these nerves may lessen. Neural prolotherapy is typically utilized when a nerve has been sheared or stretched, during an injury, or when pain follows specific nerve pain patterns, such as migraines, tension headaches, whiplash injuries, low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, groin strain, IT band pain, and shoulder pain.

  • Am I candidate for neural prolotherapy?

    Only a practitioner trained and certified in neural prolotherapy can determine whether or not you are a good candidate. At your first visit, your Doctor will determine if you are a good candidate and will recommend a treatment plan.

  • How much does neural prolotherapy cost?

    The cost of neural prolotherapy will vary depending on how many injections are required; the number of total treatments required; and the utilization of any other injection methods. At your first visit, your Doctor will provide a quote for your treatment.

  • How many treatments of neural prolotherapy are typically required?

    The response to treatment varies, depending on the overall health of the patient, severity of injury, and chronicity of injury. Typically, patients require 4-6 treatments overall. However, many notice significant improvement following the initial treatment. Once you begin treatment, your Doctor will be able to monitor how you respond and provide a better estimate of how many treatments may be required.

  • What are the possible side effects of neural prolotherapy treatment?

    Typical side effects of neural prolotherapy treatment include pain; mild swelling of the area; and mild bruising. These side effects are typically transient. Your Doctor will do a full review of potential side effects prior to your treatment.

  • Is neural prolotherapy covered by MSP or Extended Health Plans?

    Your visit will be with a Naturopathic Doctor; depending on your coverage, MSP or an extended health plan may cover a portion of the cost of the visit but rarely covers the cost of the injection itself. We recommend contacting your insurance provider directly prior to your visit to determine your coverage.

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