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Bridging Health: Exploring Insulin Potentiated Therapy's IV Advantages

Clinic Updates

IV therapy is widely used here at Integrative as part of our Integrative Cancer Care Program as it bypasses the gut and allows for significantly higher doses of certain substances to be delivered directly into the blood system.

We often have patients who express they “breezed through chemo” thanks to all the supportive IV nutrient care they received at our clinic. Nutrient therapies include infusions of basic macronutrients and minerals like B-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and others. There are also more comprehensive drips that include amino acids such as our cachexia and malnutrition drips that we use in severely nutrient deprived patients or those who are suffering weight loss.

Cancer rates are higher than ever before, likely due to our changing environment. Constant exposure to increased oxidative stressors such as ­­­­­­­­­­­pesticides, chemicals, food contaminants, hormones in the water, meat and dairy industry, decreased air quality from living in an industrialized society and chronic medication therapy are just a few.

With this in mind, a number of therapies in our lab are targeted at reducing high loads of oxidative stress using potent anti-oxidant therapies as well as environmental medicines such as chelation treatments.

IV Resveratrol, ALA and Artesunate Treatments

Antioxidants such as Resveratrol and ALA are often used in cancer patients and Integrative is one of the only clinics in Canada currently using IV Resveratrol. These medicines trigger cascades in the body that inhibit chemical messengers such as NFκB (which is induced by severe oxidative stress) and may delay or suppress tumor growth by modulating inflammatory mechanisms.

Specialty additives such as Germanium are also added to some of our treatment protocols.Other treatments such as High-Dose Vitamin C target cancer cells through mechanisms involving oxidative processes and immune cell maturation. Specialized treatments such as Artesunate, a derivative from the sweet wormwood plant, were initially used in the treatment of malaria but have been found to be an extremely effective anti-cancer therapy.

Cancer cells tend to absorb iron at high levels, which contributes to free oxygen species and accelerated DNA mutation. With Artesunate, we actually take something the cancer cells use to survive and turn it against them to cause cell death.

Other IV Treatments Include Major Auto Hemo-therapy and IPT

Additional IV treatments such as Major Auto Hemotherapy ie, blood ozonation are also done in our lab. In cancer, the use of oxidative mechanisms to induce processes in the body (such as NRF 2 and subsequent antioxidant response elements) that signal anti-neoplastic pathways and anti-oxidant producing enzymes is common. Using oxidative treatments, we can slow growth and increase the body’s natural defense mechanisms against cancer.

Insulin Potentiation (IPT) is our newest treatment option, developed by ­­­­ Dr. Donato Perez Garcia. It works by increasing the sensitivity of the cells to glucose and stimulating transportation of compounds into the cell via Insulin administration. We often pair IPT with treatments like Artesunate and High Dose Vitamin C.

Here the cancer cells believe they are going to be fed sugar and instead uptake vitamin C which at high doses acts to kill cancer cells. We are one of the only clinics in Canada to employ this evidence-based treatment and thanks to the outstanding medical training of our lab staff, are able to deliver IPT in a safe and supportive environment.

Innovation in Cancer Treatments at Integrative

Our lab is constantly employing innovative treatments in order to offer our cancer patients the most leading edge natural therapeutics. We administer these treatments both as an adjunct to conventional cancer care and as stand-alone therapies. If a patient is terminally ill, we often see life expectancy beyond their stated prognosis.

We also aid in increasing quality of life during and after cancer treatment. Your naturopathic doctor will decide what combination of IV therapy may be appropriate for you based upon your current conventional treatment plan and diagnosis. Our lab technicians at Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre will deliver this treatment and are pivotal to our Integrative Cancer Care Program.

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