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5 Helpful Tips To Support Your Fertility, Naturally

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Let's Talk About Fertility

As mother’s day approaches there are many women striving to become mothers who face fertility issues. Here at Integrative, we have great programming to help support families with fertility concerns. This blog is aimed to give the trying family some helpful tips.

1. Time those eggs!

Ovulation occurs on the 14th day after the start of your menses. You can also monitor your basal body temperature each morning before getting out of bed. A small drop in 0.2 degrees followed by a slight rise in temperature will signal ovulation has begun.

Sperm live in the reproductive tract for up to 5 days before ovulation and your egg will survive for 24-36 hours. Intimate relations are key just before and during ovulation. Often a couple’s copulation doesn’t coincide with time of maximum fertility due to fluctuating hormones in some women.

2. Acupuncture

Combining all modalities for a successful pregnancy can often be key in those having fertility troubles. Acupuncture is a great option. In a 2002 study by Paulus et Al, 42.5% of women in the study receiving acupuncture after embryonic transfer achieved pregnancy vs. only 26.3% of women who didn’t receive acupuncture after embryonic transfer achieved pregnancy.

3. Seed Cycling and Lunaception

In order to sync our bodies up with primitive fertility innate to all us women, there are a few tricks we can try to push things in our favour. Phytochemical in some seeds, called lignans, structurally resemble hormones that help regulate our menstrual cycles.It may also be helpful to time your cycle with the new moon via seed cycling.

Start day 1 seeds on the new moon regardless of your period to influence your hormones to sync up with a lunar cycle. In theory, primitive cultures tend to ovulate on the full moon. In times of physical darkness, melatonin will be increased and our ovulation will be suppressed.

During a full moon, more light = more melatonin = ovulation.Try to lighten your room for 3 days during the full moon and maintain full darkness during sleep the rest of the month, especially during seed cycling. Days 4-14: Incorporate freshly ground Pumpkin, Flax and Chia seeds. Days 15-28: Incorporate freshly ground (or chewed) Sunflower and Sesame seeds, as well as borage oil.

4. Hormone Balancing

Biphasic (or two phase) tinctures provide nutrients to the body which help balance out fertility hormones. Diet and lifestyle also play a role here. You’ll need to see your Naturopathic Doctor for this one.Consider detoxing using diet and potentially looking at any heavy metals in your system with the aid of your health care practitioner and get the blood flowing to your pelvis with daily castor oil packs.

5. Adjust Your Lifestyle

Intimacy, STRESS, physical and emotional wellbeing, alcohol consumption, body weight, endometriosis and PCOS as well as prolonged illness can play a role in fertility issues and hormone imbalance. Don’t get discouraged by genetics.

Genetics play a role in everything, but nature isn’t everything unless you’ve got chromosomal abnormalities. Nurture and epigenetics can still play a role here. Whether its this season or next, the best way to achieve a successful pregnancy is with an integrated team of practitioners and a positive outlook.

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