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An Integrative Approach to Sexual Dysfunction

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What is Sexual Dysfunction?

When looking at a patient as an individual rather than a disease, it is important to consider all aspects of their care. One thing we often don’t talk about with our friends or family is sexual dysfunction; primarily sexual wellbeing and pelvic health. Individuals often struggle with pelvic pain or sexual dysfunction and lack the awareness that help is out there.

First, what is sexual dysfunction? It’s an impairment in any of the stages of sexual arousal; including low libido or lack of sexual desire, trouble becoming aroused, pain with intercourse, and finally difficulty with or inability to orgasm.

An estimated 40% of women suffer from female sexual dysfunction and an estimated 10% of young men ranging to 75% of men as they age. Many of these individuals are younger adults and are often burdened by this socially and psychologically.

Whether the dysfunction is because they are inhibited by antidepressant side effects, have never had an orgasm, feel unable to connect with their partner, or are having hormonal imbalances that they attribute to ageing. Many people experience this stress in the form of sexual dissatisfaction. For those suffering, it’s important to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Modern technology has brought us an array of resources that over the last decade have proven very effective at turning the tables and preventing sexual aging (vaginal dryness, low libido, pelvic pain, incontinence, difficulty with orgasm, erectile dysfunction, and painful sex), declining hormone-related changes, ramifications of vaginal and C-section delivery, and other pelvic problems.

An Integrative Approach to Sexual Dysfunction

Integrative Naturopathic Medical Center is a state of the art clinic in Vancouver, BC where platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used for multiple procedures. There are very few limitations to the use of PRP and with 11,000 studies published on PRP, none have shown serious harm to the patient. At Integrative, PRP has proven time after time a reliable way to successfully treat degenerative joints and sports injuries.

We use it in cosmetic treatments on the face to enhance collagen production, decrease scarring and improve overall skin texture, as a treatment for hair loss, and we can also use PRP for pelvic restoration. We inject PRP right into the pelvic floor, help tighten muscle attachments that have become lax and are left in a state of instability causing a spectrum of pelvic issues. It can help with urinary incontinence, dribbling and leakage as well as mild cystoceles (bladder prolapse) by inducing activation of growth factors and regenerative processes in the muscles of the pelvic floor.

With extra blood flow, sensitivity and tissue strength to these areas, we’ve seen great success in treating common aspects of sexual dysfunction. Whether it’s laser or radio frequency treatments that we refer a patient out for or injections at our clinic, we must also address confounding aspects of sexual dysfunction that may involve trauma or emotional issues, mental health, stress levels, hormones, other organic causes of pelvic pain and overall health. The pelvic restoration program at Integrative addresses all aspects of a patient’s sexual health and wellness.

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