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Detoxing Your Space: Using NATURAL Cleaning Products

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The hardest part of detoxing your space, for a lot of people, men and women alike is cosmetic and cleaning supplies. These are products that truly contribute to the title “detoxing your space". If you haven’t switched over to a biodegradable and more natural, less toxic cleaning regime, now is the time. Many people say that natural cleaning products are not as good as conventional cleaning products.

Vinegar and water may not be the most powerful for grease and grime (although a great go to for general cleaning), but there are many products out there containing citrus extracts that work very well for tough messes, and aren’t toxic for your health and the same goes for laundry detergent. Hydrogen peroxide is also a great product that keeps things simple and has many uses (both as a cosmetic and a cleaner).

When it comes to bath and cosmetics, do you want to be cleansing your body, brushing your teeth and washing your hair with harsh chemicals and irritants? Is acne, hair loss or dry itchy skin an everyday problem for you? We treat our insides with respect by eating wholesome, organic and safe foods, but why do so many of us neglect the outside?

Skin is the largest organ in the body and first defense mechanism it has, so it’s imperative that we show compassion for it. Try switching up your bathing and cosmetics to gentler, more natural products that respect your skin.

Here are some guidelines to follow when cleaning out your body shop:
  • Ditch really old products you haven’t used in years
  • Soaps and shower gels (last 1-2 years max)
  • Shampoos (last about 2 years)
  • Eye products (only 3-6 months, unless mineral)
  • Face lotions (last up to 2 years, if non-organic)
  • Wash all your make-up brushes, sponges and applicators with soap weekly, allow them to air dry.

Anything that smells funky, is separating or has changed color may have gone bad.

Keep in mind some oil-based products will separate without emulsifiers and it doesn’t mean they’ve gone bad.

Products containing unwanted chemicals.

Dispose of any products with phthalates, paragons, petrolatum and formaldehyde (yes… this includes non-natural nail polishes if you intend on being really extreme).

Don’t use expired products on your skin.

You are potentially exposing your intimate parts to contaminated ingredients laden with bacteria and rancid oils. This will help avoid skin issues.

Remove or donate products you never use.

If you use one line of face wash, get rid of all the others. If you already know your favorite products, ask yourself why you are holding on to 10 different kinds that you rarely ever use.Lastly, in an organized space, everything has a place that it belongs.

When you find something out of place, and with your remaining small pile of cherished possessions, organize it nicely (pinterest and youtube have great ideas and tutorials). Keep only what you use on your vanity/in your medicine cupboard and store the others in organized, labeled clear boxes out of sight. You can do this! You’ll thank yourself come summer when you have more time to enjoy life, rather than be bogged down by the clutter of too much stuff.

Live simply. Detox your space. Nourish yourself.

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