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Detoxifying Your Living Space

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A Focus on Cosmetics and Cleaning Supplies


For many, the most challenging part of creating a toxin-free environment isn’t parting with old keepsakes or decluttering their homes – it's re-evaluating the cosmetics and cleaning supplies they use. Let's delve into how and why to make this essential shift.

The Importance of Natural Cleaning

While some argue that natural cleaning products don't match the efficacy of conventional ones, there's more to consider than just cleaning power. True, a vinegar and water mix might not tackle the toughest grease, but there are numerous natural products, like those with citrus extracts, that are up to the task. And not to forget, they won't compromise your health. Similarly, hydrogen peroxide offers a simple, multi-purpose solution, suitable for both cosmetic and cleaning purposes.

Cosmetics and Bathing Essentials

When you think about personal care, consider this: would you willingly expose your skin, the body’s largest organ, to harsh chemicals? Just as we prioritize eating wholesome and organic foods, it's crucial to extend the same care to our skin. From acne and hair loss to dry, itchy patches, many common skin issues can be attributed to the products we use. Switching to gentler, natural alternatives can make all the difference.

Guidelines for a Toxin-Free Cosmetic Collection

1. Declutter

  • Discard products that are years old
  • Watch out for expiration dates:
    • Soaps and shower gels: 1-2 years.
    • Shampoos: About 2 years.
    • Eye products: 3-6 months (longer if mineral-based).
    • Face lotions: Up to 2 years (shorter if organic).

2. Maintenance

  • Clean makeup brushes, sponges, and applicators weekly. Let them air dry.
  • Be wary of products that smell off, have changed color, or are separating.
  • Remember, some natural, oil-based products might separate due to the absence of emulsifiers but aren't necessarily spoiled.

3. Ingredients to Avoid

  • Be cautious of products containing phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, and formaldehyde. If you’re keen on going all the way, this includes some non-natural nail polishes.

4. Safety First

  • Never use expired products. They may contain bacteria and rancid oils, leading to skin problems.

5. Simplify Your Collection

  • Donate or dispose of items you don't use. If you have favorite products, there’s no reason to hoard alternatives.

Organizing Post-Declutter

Once you've detoxified your collection, organize it. Find a designated spot for each item. For inspiration on organization, platforms like Pinterest and YouTube are teeming with ideas. It’s advisable to keep frequently used items within reach and store occasional-use items in clear, labeled boxes.


By embracing a simpler lifestyle and detoxifying your space, you not only create a healthier environment but also free yourself from the chains of clutter. This summer, gift yourself more time to cherish life and less time wrestling with excess.

Remember: live simply, detox regularly, and nourish every part of yourself.

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