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Your First Visit Checklist

We’re excited to meet you! On your first visit you will receive a welcome pack to take home with you. In here, you can keep any resources you are given and can keep track of your next appointment in the appointment card provided.

Step One

Complete ‘New Patient' form

Please select the appropriate health practitioner forms and complete them prior to your visit.

Step Two

Check out our list of tips for your first visit

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Come prepared for your first appointment – ensure all new patient forms are completed, bring any applicable test results as these are often needed by your doctor or health practitioner (you may be able to access these through myehealth.ca)

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Worried about Parking? There is metered parking around the area as well as FREE 2-hour parking. If you're unable to find a spot, we also have underground paid parking, accessible on Birch St. and managed by Indigo. You can access the parking lot website here for your convenience.

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If you are scheduled for your Naturopathic Assessment on the same day, please be well-hydrated and avoid wearing lotion or cream on your hands and feet.

Step Three

Review some of our patients Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do Extended Health plans cover ND visits?

    Most Extended Health plans do have coverage that can be applied to naturopathic visits; however, most plans have a limit to their coverage per year.

  • Do I need a referral to see an ND?

    No, you can book in to see an ND without a referral.

  • Will any testing be completed during my initial visit?

    The primary focus of your initial visit is a complete health history; however, your practitioner may perform elements of a basic physical examination during your first visit. During your initial visit, your practitioner will also determine specific testing to be completed by our Naturopathic Doctor Assistants. Depending on scheduling, this testing may be completed immediately following your initial visit, or on an alternate day.

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You're all set!

We look forward to welcoming you at Integrative

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