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14th May 2018

BioMeridian Testing in the Clinical Department

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The BioMeridian Test is used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your energetic organ health. The theory behind the technology comes from both ancient Chinese Medicine as well as European medical research.

Chinese Medicine is based on the study of energetic channels that vitalize and travel throughout the body. Called meridians, these channels are associated with organs and body systems.

Research by German Physician Dr. Voll in the 1950’s identified that meridian points had a lower electrical resistance or increased conductivity compared to other points not associated with meridian channels. His research led to a system of testing conductivity of specific meridian points (primarily on the fingers and toes) to assess whether the conductivity reading was within range or out of range. Through such assessment it is possible to evaluate the energy of meridians and thereby assess the energetic health of organs and body systems.

Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre uses a system for meridian testing that was developed in the US and has FDA approval. Called the BioScan: Meridian Stress Assessment System (BioMeridian.com), it is a computerized program for testing and recording meridian data.

Please prepare for your BioMeridian Test:The clinician will be using your feet and hands to perform the test, so please ensure your feet are clean and do not apply cream to your hands or feet on the day of testing.

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