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What the Year of the Rat Has In Store For You


Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

Saturday, January 25, 2020 marks the start of the Year of the rat according to the Chinese lunar calendar which is based on the new moon cycle. The rat is the first sign in the twelve-animal zodiac cycle making 2020 a year of new beginnings and renewals as we refresh and start over.

Past years of the rat are: 1936, 1948, 1972, 1984, 1996, and 2008

Along with the associated animals, the Chinese calendar also cycles through the 5 elements of nature, and this year, it is metal. The 2020 rat year will likely be strong, prosperous and lucky for almost all subsequent zodiac signs as we are all given a clean slate.

chinese new year 2020


Expect new experiences and opportunities for success, particularly regarding one’s career path. Determining your goals with careful planning and conviction are key both for the immediate and long term as we head into a new year twelve-year cycle. Dedicating time and hard-work to seeing these objective through will help you achieve them. Do not be discouraged by obstacles that arise as all actions initiated this year have generally favourable outcomes if backed by confidence and relentless determination.
There will be moments of mental and physical exhaustion, especially leaving behind the challenging slower-paced year of the pig, but all zodiac signs will largely exhibit good health!


In the last half of the year, energy will improve and overall wellness will look up. Physical activity must not be overlooked when circumstances get busy this year. Regular exercise is one of the best forms of medicine for health and longevity as well as regulating day-to-day productivity, balancing mood and maintaining sleep to keep oneself grounded throughout this year of change. Do not overlook illnesses or health concerns that arise as addressing them early may prevent worsened outcomes ahead.
Preparing for the new beginnings and inevitable changes to come may allow you to capitalize on the general good fortune of this year. Show enthusiasm and act quickly and confidently to achieve the most growth and success in the year of the rat.

Of course, all the information you find here and encounter elsewhere should not be taken as prophecy, rather respect and interest for the tradition and culture of the Chinese lunar new year!
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