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Why Choose The Integrative Biohacking Program?

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What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is becoming more and more popular and if you haven't heard about it - don't worry - we'll fill you in! Biohacking is the idea that, at this very moment, you can make choices that impact your health and IMPROVE how you feel. Biohacking asserts that, by understanding our unique biology, we can optimize our body’s function.

One of the foundations to Biohacking is having good objective information. These days, it’s easier to get direct access to medical knowledge than ever before. Wearable tech that tracks health, like your smart watch, is also becoming more popular and affordable — as are apps to track your water and food intake, body measurements, menstruation, and mood (1). Even blood tests and other specialized testing like DNA analysis are easily accessible.
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While all of this data and self-information can be helpful, it can also be overwhelming. What do you even do with all that information? Where do you start? This is where the Integrative Biohacking Program comes in.

We took out the guesswork and created a one-of-a-kind, Naturopathic Doctor-guided Biohacking program that navigates all that data to help you make informed choices about your health. We’ve established a comprehensive baseline that looks at blood, urine and, in some cases, salivary and cheek swabs so we can start with objective  data. Using the right supplements, nutrition and innovative medical technology, we can help you refine your health goals and outline your Biohacking Action Plan.

What is a Biohacking Action Plan?

Our bodies are fascinating and the more we know what is happening inside — the better we can optimize it. Through Biohacking, we can achieve peak performance and focus on disease prevention. Some common reasons people start the Integrative Biohacking Program are to:
  • Optimize Health 
  • Increase Energy 
  • Accelerate Recovery 
  • Improve Cognition and Focus 
  • Enhance Longevity 
  • Achieve Peak Performance 
  • Prevent Disease 
In your initial visit, we evaluate your baseline, discuss and establish your goals, and implement an action plan that is completely customized to you. This plan is structured with a clear timeline to keep you on target.

How to get started

We have two levels in our Biohacking program called Plunge and Elite. Both programs share comprehensive naturopathic consultation and structured follow-up to keep you on track.


The Plunge Program gets your feet wet with thorough blood work, including several markers that are not standardly covered by MSP. We also interpret this blood work holistically with health optimization rather than disease diagnosis in mind. 

In addition to this blood testing, we look at two urine tests: the DUTCH Hormone Test and Organic Acids Test. Hormones play such a significant role in energy, mood and overall health (2).  The Organic Acids Test looks at a series of metabolites that relate to microbiome health, mitochondrial and detoxification function, neurotransmitter levels and indicates body need for certain vitamins/nutrients (3).  Getting all of this data within a similar timeframe allows us to cross-reference the information and better determine the particular nutrient needs and treatment recommendations that will drive your customized action plan.


The Elite Program includes all of the same testing as the Plunge but adds in DNA Testing that allows for even more customization. The DNA Testing gives us both raw genetic data as well as grouping various genetic variations into clinical areas of interest that relate to common health concerns like heart disease, diabetes and cognitive decline. It also advises on what types of foods and activity will best support long-term health (4).

This genetic information along with the blood testing, hormones results and organic acid panel are all used to guide a custom nutrition program and IV Therapy support. Our Holistic Nutritionist will work with your Naturopathic Doctor and your specific diet goals. The IV therapy can be used at any time during your Elite Biohacking Program depending on when your doctor thinks this will be most beneficial. You’ll also have more access to your team through email or phone support.

Which Biohacking level is right for you?

The level that is right for you depends on the commitment, support and financial investment you want to make. Either way, you will get a comprehensive action plan with goals and check-ins to ensure you stay on course with your progress. We'll be with you every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance and become your fittest and healthiest self.
Are you ready to start your Biohacking journey? Give us a call to book your appointment!

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