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Patient Stories: Susan Sutherland


Susan Sutherland

“It’s always a delight to be here” Susan smiles contemplating three decades of treatment from Dr. Eric Posen at Integrative. Susan began seeing Dr. Posen for structural concerns back when he was solely a chiropractor. She describes the addition of naturopathic medicine to Dr. Posen’s repertoire as exciting in a way that made her care even fuller and more complete, helping her look at the body as a whole.

From this, Susan explains that Dr. Posen has kept her going for many years in which she has had Lyme disease, and she continues to see him to keep her “healthy and well in all ways.”

Susan attributes her success to the fact that Dr. Posen has ensured that she always has hope, which stems from his light and inspiring energy, on top of his incredible skill. Susan feels very fortunate and grateful, as “there’s a lot of things I would be unable to do today if I didn’t have Eric and this clinic to come to.”

In addition to treatment from Dr. Posen, her integrated care has lead her to make visits to the lab and the registered massage therapist Suelina Quan, which in the spirit of naturopathic medicine, she describes as helping prevent her from getting caught up on one concern or aspect of her health.

What could be heavy with anybody else is light with Eric, and what I’ve learned from that is to not to take myself too seriously, which makes life way simpler.”
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