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Patient Stories: Mabel Mar


Patient Stories: Mabel Mar

Mabel Mar describes her experience during visits as “a feeling of loosening up… feeling like my body is brought back to a place of ease”. As a patient of Dr Larry Chan for over thirty years, Mabel has continually come back to achieve that ease. Always smiling and eager to share stories of a life well-lived, this 104 year old woman has become a much loved and respected familiar face to the staff of Integrative.

She visits Dr. Larry Chan frequently and says that whenever she speaks of “tightness, stiffness or pain, he has an uncanny knack to get right on the hot spots for a release”; this is vital for a woman who shows no signs of slowing down any time soon as she is already a great-great grandmother of four!

She explains that the great healing results she receives, the caring holistic nature of Dr. Larry Chan, and the kind staff keep her coming back to Integrative. When asked what she’s learned from her time at Integrative, Mabel describes that it is important to come in for regular treatment and not to delay treatment until an issue becomes worse. She is a great example of how preventative care can lead to long-term health. We at Integrative feel very lucky to have Mabel as a part of our lives and look forward to each of her visits.

Andy Mabel & LC

From all of the staff at Integrative,

Happy 105th Birthday Mabel! May this day be as special as you

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