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How to Stay Hydrated When The Weather Cools Down


As the weather cools down, we might not be thinking about how to stay hydrated.

However, it’s equally important to keep your H2O intake high all year round to ensure you are functioning optimally. Many people find it difficult to get in an adequate amount of water once the temperatures start to dip. We’re not as thirsty, we spend less time sweating, and the thought of a cold glass of water isn’t very appealing when you’re already trying to stay warm.

Here are 6 easy tips to stay hydrated in cool weather:

1. Start your day with a big glass of lemon water

You’ve been asleep for the last [hopefully] 8 hours, and your body is parched. Have a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice to get your digestive juices flowing. Try adding a pinch of salt to this to help your body to absorb the water better. By having water first thing in the morning, you already get at least ¼ of your daily intake right when you wake up.

2. Consume soups and stews

What better way to increase your water intake than by eating hearty and warming soups and stews at your meals? Ensure that they are all broth heavy with lots of veggies, and try to stay away from canned soups that can be high in sodium, not-so-great fats, and preservatives. Make your own simple vegetable broth at home using miso paste and water! Or make your own homemade bone broth with leftovers from a big turkey dinner. My favourite thing to do is meal-prep one whole roasted chicken, then freeze the leftover bones to make broth when I’m ready!

3. Eat hydrating foods

Sometimes, you can get away without drinking a full two litres of water daily if you are consuming hydrating fruits and vegetables. Did you know that apples contain 86% water?! Load up on hydrating produce at each meal to make sure you meet your minimum hydration requirements in the day. Some of my favourites include leafy greens, seasonal fruit, peppers and broccoli.

4. Sip on herbal teas

If you feel like you can’t stop shivering at your office *turns on portable heater*, reach for a glass of warm herbal tea. Bonus, many herbal teas can also have medicinal benefits. Check out some of the teas we have available in our dispensary made by our very own Dr. Katie Leah.

5. Always have water at your desk

Or carry a bottle around to meetings. It will take a week or so of practice, but it will be second-nature soon enough! Place a sticky-note on your computer to remind you to fill up your bottle, or add it to your meeting invite to make sure everyone brings theirs too!If you are desk-bound for most of the day, purchase a large mason jar or water bottle to keep at your desk. Make it a goal to finish the whole thing. This way, you won’t have to track each and every cup you drink.

6. Set a timer to remind yourself to drink

While I normally say to reduce your screen time, your phone or computer can be your best friend when you need a friendly nudge. Set it for every hour and take sips (don’t chug!). If you want to stay hydrated, try choosing warmer liquids.

Looking for more tips to optimize your health this fall? Book an appointment with one of our practitioners today.

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