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EBOO: An Enhanced Application of Ozone Therapy

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Many signs of aging and chronic diseases have been linked with decreased oxygen uptake, use and poor mitochondrial health. Ozone and oxidative therapies are a method to increase the systemic oxygen status of the cells and tissues and have been applied intravenously in our Integrative Lab for decades using a technique called major authohemotherapy (MAH).

We are excited to be introducing EBOO as an expanded technique as through this method we are able to deliver a high potency treatment, in an efficient amount of time simultaneously with UV blood irradiation. This modulates the immune system and inflammation through cytokine production and antioxidant enzyme systems in a powerful way that can be useful for autoimmune disease, chronic infection, degenerative conditions and performance optimization.

EBOO stands for extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation, it has been known as intelligent ozone therapy. During this process blood is removed from the body, run through a filter in a closed-circuit system, introduced to oxygen and ozone in a cross-current fashion and then this fully treated blood is returned to the body. Treatment times generally range from 25-50 minutes during which time 1-2L of total blood volume may be treated. A low concentration of ozone is used but over the treatment time a high dose of total ozone and more oxygenation potential is given. A single treatment of EBOO may deliver an ozone dose that is 10-15x higher than standard manual MAH. Visually EBOO set-up equipment uses a dialysis filter so this technique has been casually referred to as “Ozone Dialysis.” However, this term is a misnomer as EBOO does not use this filter in a traditional dialysis manner and patients should not confuse these two techniques-EBOO does not “clean and filter” the blood is the same way as dialysis. Instead, EBOO uses the filter as a mechanism for diffusing ozone and oxygen to a large surface area of total blood volume.

The EBOO Full Spectrum technology also offers the advantage of concurrent UV Blood irradiation therapy with the ozone treatment. UV is associated with additional antimicrobial and detoxifying capacities and in combination with ozone it can reduce Herxheimer responses making for a well tolerated treatment response. Immediately following an EBOO treatment patients are not restricted from normal activities. We have seen a variety of post-treatment responses. Some people feel an immediate sense of well-being with improved energy, mental clarity, diminished pain and improved symptoms whereas others may feel lethargy, malaise or fatigue. All of these responses are in the range of anticipated post-treatment responses and the individual response to treatment may vary in the same patient from session to session.

The goal with ozone and UV Blood irradiation is for a collective benefit that over time modulates and restores cellular function to health, rebuilding systems, tissues and organs for an overall improvement. Your naturopathic physician at Integrative would be happy to discuss the potential of EBOO therapy and how it may benefit your health.

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