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Breaking the Silence: Let's Talk About Pelvic Pain

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What's a pelvic floor?

Our pelvic organs are contained by a muscle diaphragm called the pelvic floor (PF). The pelvic floor is the most often neglected muscle group and the most difficult to reach. But, just like any other muscle in the body, it needs some TLC.

It is made up of 12 muscles under voluntary control, which serve multiple purposes:
  • Structural and organ support
  • Sphincteric control
  • Sexual activity and reproduction
  • Stability
  • Pumping of blood and lymph
The pelvic floor serves as a key component in our posture and breathing dynamics

Common Problems of the Pelvic Floor

Physical and emotional trauma are often stored in the pelvic floor, which can severely impact the triad of health - chemically, emotionally and structurally. Any imbalance in the pelvic floor can cause the following health conditions:

How We Can Help With Pelvic Health Issues

Many health practitioners, unless they've had extensive training, are unaware of how to treat pelvic health issues. Women (and men) are told to do more kegels for any given pelvic health issue. But when a muscle in the pelvic floor is too tense (usually caused by injury, trauma or stress), it can contribute to poor strength as well as nerve and vascular compression pain.

At Integrative, we first rule out serious inflammatory or infectious injury and disease. Then, we offer comprehensive supportive care including, but not limited to:
Choosing a practitioner you feel comfortable with enables an open dialogue and helps facilitate multiple approaches to treatment that provides the most therapeutic outcomes. Often, due to the sensitive nature of problems involving the pelvic floor, pelvic issues aren’t addressed early on and become more severe and even debilitating over time. Proper assessment of pelvic floor strength, tone and function can help guide your diagnosis and treatment.

If you’re struggling with pelvic pain, book an appointment with Dr. Jordan Dutton to see if our Pelvic Health Program is right for you.
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