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Detoxifying The Body of Harmful Chemicals and Metals


Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Georgia Straight for the lead Healthy Living article "Detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals and metals is easier than it might seem."

This is an important topic as we are all exposed to toxins just by living in urban Vancouver during the 21st century. At Integrative, we've been addressing issues of toxic body burden and ways of detoxing for decades and it's nice to see that this is breaking out into popular media!

We're empowered each day through our lifestyle, food and personal hygiene (cosmetic) choices. Reduced exposure is the first step towards decreased body burden. Beyond this, supporting the function of our main detox organs: the skin, liver and kidneys is key.

In my practice, I use nutritional supplements, oral and IV chelation to liberate toxic metals from the body and support detox organs and pathways. Metal accumulation can contribute to premature aging, cognitive decline, issues with pregnancy and fertility and a host of other concerns.

Check out the full article: https://www.straight.com/life/705401/detoxifying-body-harmful-chemicals-and-metals-easier-it-might-seem

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