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14th March 2018

Neurotransmitters - Dopamine

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Dopamine: The Energy Prescription

Dopamine is like the gas in your car. 17% of the world thrives on dopamine energy that defines the rationalist temperament. These individuals are highly self-confident, focus intently on the task at hand, and take pride in achievement. They are more comfortable with facts and figures, with knowledge and intellect than with feelings and emotions. Rationalists are better at establishing relationships than nurturing them. When there is a loss of dopamine, brain electrical voltage drops with can result in outward signs of a loss of energy. A comprehensive plan can refill the tank.

Symptoms of Dopamine Deficiency:

  • Physical – sugar/caffeine cravings, lightheadedness, decreased strength, fatigue, pale pallor, diarrhea, routine task difficulty.
  • Psychological – procrastination, carelessness, decreased libido, diminished self- image, hedonism, isolation.
  • Memory Function – inability to follow instructions, forgetfulness, inability to process information, poor abstract thinking.
  • Attention Issues – diminished alertness, failure to complete tasks, poor concentration

Conditions/Diseases of Dopamine Deficiency:Obesity, addictions, chronic fatigue, Attention Deficit Disorder, sexual disorders, thyroid disorders, narcolepsy, Parkinson’s disease. Multi-Modal Treatment for Dopamine Deficiency:

  • Diet – wheat germ, granola, oat flakes, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, pork, wild game, turkey, fava beans, pinto beans, black eyed peas, soy, pumpkin seeds
  • Supplements (ask your practitioner if these might be a good fit for you) – chromium, rhodiola, thiamine, dl-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, methionine
  • Lifestyle – power naps, scheduled breaks, deep breathing exercises, weight lifting, meditation, relationship self-help books.]

The dopamine “Edge Effect” occurs when you maximize your dopamine nature. You are on top of everything you do, and everything is a source of pleasure. You relish your sexual relations, your food tastes fantastic and you are admired by everyone.

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