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14th May 2018


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Just like the musculoskeletal system, the brain can be trained to function more smoothly. When our central nervous system (CNS) is hyperactive or dysregulated we may experience anxiety, depression, or an inability to focus. But we can calm our CNS by training our brain to normalize itself and function in a more optimal way. NeurOptimal ® monitors your brain waves using EEG technology and provides you with feedback when it is operating inefficiently; with this information, you are able to self-correct, diminishing the turbulence within your brain’s functioning.

How Does NeurOptimal ® Work?

Five sensors are connected to your ears and scalp, enabling the NeurOptimal ® to pick up the electrical activity of your brain – 256 times per second. This information allows the NeurOptimal ® to sense subtle changes in your nervous system, such as times when brain activity becomes erratic or dysfunctional. When these signs are picked up, the music within the NeurOptimal ® software is interrupted, providing a cue to the brain to refocus, shifting away from the erratic activity towards clearer, more centred thought patterns. With repeated sessions, the brain is trained to ‘reset’ itself easily and more smoothly. As you improve, the level of training adjusts to become more difficult; over time, your brain’s resilience and flexibility strengthens.

Why NeurOptimal ® ?

Within our current fast-paced and constantly connected world, it can feel impossible to ‘shut off’. Historically, we needed to switch into ‘fight or flight’ mode to escape serious life-threatening situations. Once we had escaped, we shook it off and went back to ‘resting and digesting’. Nowadays, our nervous system can perceive work stressors in the same way we used to view running away from a lion and our ability to return to a restful state is compromised due to the consistent exposure to stressors. Your brain needs immense flexibility to consistently make this switch.

NeurOptimal ® trains your brain to be more flexible. Flexibility in your response to stress enables you to create boundaries around stressors, ‘let it go’, and return to a healthier, happier baseline. This ‘resetting’ is helpful for brain health, longevity, academic performance, personal wellness, and achieving peak physical/artistic performance. Additionally, it can be a very helpful component of brain injury rehabilitation.

In 2011, our very own Carol Sutcliffe suffered a serious concussion in a motor scooter accident. She tried a number of therapies, some of which helped with balance, fatigue and anxiety but the neurological and cognitive symptoms persisted nine months later. Introduced to NeurOptimal® by a colleague, Carol experienced dramatic, positive changes within the first few sessions. It was a natural fit for Carol to pursue this leading edge software which led to her certification as an Advanced Trainer in NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback through the Zengar Institute, Victoria, BC.

We recommend 50 minute sessions, once or twice a week for at 10-20 sessions. Contact us today to learn more about NeurOptimal ® and book your first session!

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