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21st October 2020

Myer's Cocktail IV Push

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What is Myer's Cocktail IV Push?

The use of infusing vitamins and minerals intravenously to treat a wide range of conditions was pioneered by Dr. John Myers, a physician from Maryland. IV nutrient therapy is an effective method of administering essential vitamins and minerals into the body.

The digestive system is by-passed with IV administration, allowing for as much as ten times greater absorption than oral vitamin intake. This makes it an ideal treatment in those with malabsorptive conditions or significant nutrient depletion.

The Myers IV consists of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, selenium, and Vitamin C. This treatment temporarily increases nutrient levels in the bloodstream and can increase cellular uptake. It provides essential nutrients to help combat fatigue, chronic stress, infection, and support generally detox and well-being.
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