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15th March 2018

Diet Diary

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Using a Diet Diary:

Using a diet diary or food journal can help your practitioner to get a better idea of what you eat over a number of days. This is a way for us to gather some additional information from you and not to make judgement. Notes for Use:

  • Write the time you ate your meal or snack in the yellow column under the heading.
  • In the columns, write down the type of food you ate or liquid you consumed. Be as specific as you can. Don’t forget to write down any “extras” like salad dressing, mayonnaise on your sandwich, etc. Approximate portion size isalso helpful
  • Comment on how you felt after eating (for example: full, still hungry, satisfied, tummy ache, bloated, gassy, anxious) in the “Other Notes” section.
  • Don’t change your eating habits while you’re keeping your food diary.
  • Tell the truth. Remember, this is just a way for us to learn more about you!
  • Keep this form with you and write things down as they happen. Don’t rely on your memory at the end of the day.
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