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15th March 2018

Core Exercises

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Here are some basic core exercises to both strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, neck and hips in order to support your core and stay healthy. They will also help strengthen your abs and provide exercise. A few tips to adapt to all levels of strength and stay safe:

  • Start slowly and build up a tolerance.
  • If something hurts you, don’t do it.
  • All planks and positions can be modified to suit your strength level
  • Lower down to your knees to the ground when beginning with planks. Wait until strength is built up to raise your knees for extended periods of time.
  • If some exercises induce wrist pain, try to shift weight into the fingers as if you are protecting something in your palm, or get down on your elbows (although this will intensify the core exercise). You can also shift some weight to your knees to transfer weight off of your wrists.
  • If you cannot lift both legs in some exercises, only lift one.
  • If both feet need to stay planted on the floor to start, keep both feet together and forego raising your legs
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