What does low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) treat?

Programs , Low-Dose Antigen Immunotherapy

Low dose allergen immunotherapy (LDI/LDA) aims to retrain the immune system, restoring tolerance to a hyperactive system. Many conditions and symptoms are related to a loss of immune tolerance. As a result, there are many cases in which an LDI/LDA treatment plan may be indicated. These include, but are not limited to: seasonal allergies; asthma; chronic sinusitis; repeated ear infections; histamine intolerance; anaphylaxis; migraines; eczema; contact dermatitis; urticaria; arthritis; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); interstitial cystitis; chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); fibromyalgia; fungal-related illness such as candida overgrowth; hyperactivity; ADD; ADHD; autoimmune conditions.

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