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Patient Stories: Doug Sparkes


Doug Sparkes

"When I come here, it’s like coming home” reflects Doug of his time spent at Integrative. With the help of Dr. Larry Chan, Doug was able to make a remarkable recovery from a life-threatening stroke in the fall of 2011.

To the shock of his medical doctors, Doug went from being wheelchair-bound to walking on his own after only 4 weeks of hyperbaric oxygen therapy recommended by Dr. Chan. Continuing this treatment with the addition of acupuncture and nutritional supplementation, Doug’s physical strength, grip strength, and cognitive condition improved at unprecedented rates­­­­, far surpassing his prognosis and avoiding the expected catastrophic results.

As an accomplished trombonist faced with the prospect of not being able to play again, Doug was able to return to a 40-year career with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra after a mere 14 months.

Doug is now a poster-boy for stroke recovery with Vancouver General Hospital and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. To this day, Doug is grateful for the continued care and support he receives from the staff and practitioners at Integrative, acknowledging them as the most important factor in his recovery and Dr. Larry Chan as his hero.

Don’t overlook your physical abilities, be grateful for what you have.
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