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Nurture Oral Health Naturally

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The Key to Strong Dental Health

In the pursuit of a gleaming smile, the conversation around oral health has shifted dramatically. Previously, genetics and access to fluoride treatments took center stage, but cutting-edge research is now pointing to an unexpected hero: diet.

Surprisingly, the key to robust oral health lies in the foods we consume daily. Even more intriguingly, indigenous tribes exhibit remarkably strong dental health until they encounter Western dietary habits. To pave the way for healthier teeth, the transformative power of a traditional diet rich in nutrient-dense foods takes center stage, complemented by simple yet effective daily habits.

Top 3 Tips for Radiant Oral Health

1. Daily Flossing and Brushing: A Fundamental Routine

We're all familiar with the oral hygiene duo of brushing and flossing, essential for sweeping away food particles and harmful bacteria. Opt for a natural, fluoride-free toothpaste – brands like Green Beaver and Earthpaste fit the bill perfectly. Remember, consistency is key. Ensure you brush (twice a day!) and introduce flossing if it hasn't become a fixture in your routine yet.

2. Revive with Oil Pulling: An Ancient Ayurvedic Gem

With its roots in Ayurvedic tradition, oil pulling has surged in popularity for its natural teeth-whitening prowess, bacteria elimination, and gum health enhancement. To begin, take 1/2 tbsp. of organic coconut oil and swish it through your teeth and gums, akin to a mouthwash. Start with a few minutes, gradually extending to sessions lasting up to 20 minutes (pro tip: don't swallow the oil; dispose of it in the trash to avoid sink clogs). Conclude your ritual with regular brushing and flossing. Even practicing oil pulling a few times a week can deliver remarkable benefits.

3. Elevate Your Diet, Elevate Your Smile: The Nutritional Connection

Nourishing teeth from within hinges on our nutrient intake. A medley of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) forms the cornerstone of strong teeth. This nutritional foundation can be laid by indulging in a diet brimming with organ meats, bone broth, seaweeds, cod liver oil, and raw dairy. But it's not just what you eat – it's what you absorb. Keep phytic acid, found in grains and legumes, in check as its excessive presence impedes mineral absorption, particularly for those prone to tooth decay. Additionally, watch out for starches and sugars that can exacerbate dental decay.


  • Wholesome Fats (think coconut oil, pastured butter, cod liver oil)
  • Nutrient-Rich Proteins, including organ meats from pastured animals and other dense foods like organic vegetables
  • Nourishing Bone Broth sourced from pastured animal bones


By embracing these fundamental practices and redefining our dietary choices, we can pave the way for a vibrant smile that exudes true health from within.
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