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How Healthy Is Your Gut? Take This Simple Quiz to Find Out


One of the key components to good gut health is a healthy small intestine that enables the passage of nutrients into our bloodstream while keeping out foreign invaders and particles too large to be digested. When the small intestine becomes damaged, these large particles pass into our bloodstream creating inflammation throughout the body. This process is known as increased intestinal permeability or 'leaky gut' and can be at the root of a variety of symptoms and conditions.

How Healthy Is Your Gut? Find Out With This Simple Quiz!

Healthy digestion leads to a feeling of well-being after eating, one to three well-formed bowel movements each day, and an absence of symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating or acid reflux. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may have leaky gut. Additionally, if you have symptoms that are not related to digestion, leaky gut may be a contributing factor.

This questionnaire does not replace evaluation by a medical professional; ask your doctor for further investigation into your gut health if it indicates that you may have a leaky gut. Circle the number that most closely fits, then add up your results. 0 = Symptom is not present or rarely present.

1 = Mild/Sometimes2 = Moderate/Often3 = Severe/Almost Always

Constipation and/or Diarrhea


Abdominal Pain or Bloating01234
Mucous or Blood in Stool01234
Joint Pain or Swelling, Arthritis


Chronic of Frequent Fatigue or Tiredness01234
Food Allergies, Sensitivities or Intolerance01234
Sinus or Nasal Congestion01234
Eczema, Skin Rashes, or Airborne Allergies01234
Confusion, Poor Memory or Mood Swings01234
Use of NSAIDS (Aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin)01234
History of Antibiotic Use01234
Alcohol Consumption Makes You Feel Sick01234
Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's or Celiac Disease01234
Celiac's Disease or Another Autoimmune Disease01234
YOUR TOTAL: ______________________

Score 1-5: Leaky gut less apt to be present.

Score 6-10: Leaky gut may possibly be present.

Score 7-19: Leaky gut probably present.

Score 20+: Leaky gut almost certainly present.

Questionnaire Adapted from Elizabeth Lipski’s book “Leaky Gut Syndrome”
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