Your First Visit

Welcome to Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre!

Thank you for visiting us-we’re excited to meet you! This page serves as your first step towards your visit. Please come prepared as this ensures you’ll make the most of your appointment time. We recommend that you download and complete your new patient forms prior to your arrival as these can be extensive. Below you’ll also find some first visit tips and frequently asked questions to get you started. If after going through this page you still need assistance feel free to contact us through phone or email!

Step 1: Download and Fill Out New Patient Form

Please select the appropriate health practitioner forms and complete them prior to your visit.

Step 2: Tips For Your First Visit

  • Come prepared for your first appointment – ensure all new patient forms are completed, bring any applicable test results as these are often needed by your doctor or health practitioner (you may be able to access these through
  • Have a list of any questions you want to ask your practitioner
  • Bring someone with you to your appointment if it will make you more comfortable. Please note that sometimes parts of your appointment may be conducted with just you
  • Ask your doctor how your next few visits should be spaced. When checking out, be sure to book a few appointments in advance as this guarantees the best availability. Please note appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled with 2 business days notice, please note we are closed on Sundays.
  • Your initial visit also includes some in-house non-invasive testing. The specific tests and risks assessments (blood pressure, height, etc) will be determined by your doctor during your first visit. The testing will be conducted by one of the Naturopathic Assistants not your doctor.
  • Please do not wear lotion on your hands or feet as it may interfere with the Naturopathic Assessment testing.
  • Please come to your appointment prepared to remove your shoes and socks as we may need to work on your feet during some of the testing.
  • It is fine to eat, drink and take any of your medications or supplements as normal before your appointment.
  • It is best if you have had a few glasses of water before your arrival.
  • As we are a private clinic, please be sure to check with your extended benefits provider as to how much they cover for each appointment – appointments are billed as Naturopathic Visits, Acupuncture Sessions or Message Therapy depending on which health practitioner you are seeing. You will be issued receipts for each appointment.

Step 3: Review Some Of Our Patients Frequently Asked Questions

We are located at 730-1285 W Broadway St at the corner of W Broadway and Birch St 2 blocks east of Granville St.
Yes-we have underground pay parking available accessed on the west side of the building via Birch St. The parking lot is handicapped accessible with elevators into the building.
While we no longer have a dedicated chiropractor at our clinic our Founders each began as chiropractors and addressing the structural body through chiropractic based manipulation is important to all of our naturopathic doctors.
We are a private clinic and do not accept insurance directly; however we provide receipts of service at each visit and depending on your extended benefits provider you may be reimbursed for part or all of your payment. Please check with your benefits provider directly concerning your coverage as each plan is different and we are unable to provide the specifics of your plan.
Generally most patients find that these services are less likely to receive coverage. Please check with your particular extended health benefits provider.
If your practitioner holds both a Naturopathic and Acupuncturist’s license and you receive acupuncture at that visit, this may be possible.
Yes – in British Columbia Naturopathic Doctors are primary care practitioners and have access to many standard lab tests and diagnostic imaging procedures. Unfortunately, when ordered by a Naturopathic Doctor these tests are not covered by MSP/BC Care but may be reimbursable through your extended benefits.
Unfortunately in order to use our lab services we require that you are a patient of our office and are under the care of one of our naturopathic doctors. This is important as not all IVs are appropriate depending on your health history.
Yes – this is a stand alone service and Keyrsten McEwan has her own patients. In other circumstances for more complete care our naturopathic doctors may refer to our nutritionist and vice versa.
If you are generally healthy and feeling good, it is still important to come in for quarterly checkups for prevention purposes. Since there are four seasons a year, your body needs support in each season. For example, to prepare for the winter months, an immune boosting treatment will help prevent the flu and allow you to spend more time with your family and enjoy your holidays. The springtime is the best time, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for a cleanse or to prevent seasonal allergies.

Do your best to make one appointment for the following times of the year:

September or October
December or January
March or April
June or July

Other than checking in 3-4 times a year, please ensure you come in for any other health concern that may come up. Some examples of this are:

Seasonal Allergies
Cold and Flu
Child Fever
Skin Problems
Fatigue or Low Energy
Heart palpitations
Brittle nails
Ringing in the ears
Aches and Pains

Naturopathic Medicine has an enormous array of treatment options available to help prevent and treat common concerns that many people don’t seek any help for.

Step 4: Meet Our Practitioners

We have a complete team of health practitioners including Naturopathic Doctors, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutritionist, and Registered Massage Therapists. Please read the bios to learn more about each practitioner’s special interests and philosophy.

Cancellation Policy

We require 2 business day notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Please call us at 604-738-1012 to cancel your appointment. Please note, we don’t accept cancellations via email.

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