Low-Dose Allergen Immunotherapy

Retraining the immune system, one injection at a time

Many conditions are reflective of a loss of immune tolerance. The Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy program aims to restore tolerance and balance to your immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Am I a candidate for low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI)?

    Only a practitioner trained in low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) can determine your eligibility for LDA/LDI. Within your visit, your Naturopathic Doctor will determine if you are a good candidate and, if applicable, will recommend a preliminary number of injections.

  • What does low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) treat?

    Low dose allergen immunotherapy (LDI/LDA) aims to retrain the immune system, restoring tolerance to a hyperactive system. Many conditions and symptoms are related to a loss of immune tolerance. As a result, there are many cases in which an LDI/LDA treatment plan may be indicated. These include, but are not limited to: seasonal allergies; asthma; chronic sinusitis; repeated ear infections; histamine intolerance; anaphylaxis; migraines; eczema; contact dermatitis; urticaria; arthritis; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); interstitial cystitis; chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); fibromyalgia; fungal-related illness such as candida overgrowth; hyperactivity; ADD; ADHD; autoimmune conditions.

  • Does low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) hurt?

    Low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) requires 1-3 injections within a single visit. These injections are given intradermally, typically into the volar surface of the forearm. Due to the location of the injections, and the superficial nature of the injections, patients typically report stinging during and/or shortly after the injection. Typically, this sensation does not linger for more than a few minutes. However, you may experience itching, swelling, or discomfort at the site of injection following the injection; typically, this sensation subsides within 24 hours.

  • Can children receive low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI)?

    Yes, children as young as 6 months can receive low dose allergen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI). Due to the discomfort of injections, we typically combine antigens within one injection for children to limit the number of injections given within a single visit.

  • How much does low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) cost?

    The cost of low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) will vary depending on the package purchased. Currently LDA/LDI injections are sold in packages, combining a number of injections with initial and follow-up visits with your Naturopathic Doctor. Our Patient Care Coordinators can provide a quote of each package prior to booking an appointment.

  • How many low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) injections are typically required?

    The average number of low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) injections required varies greatly depending on symptoms, the severity of the symptoms, and compliance to the treatment plan. Generally, after 6-10 treatments, some patients will need 2-3 doses of LDA/LDI each year to maintain improvement; many can decrease to 1 dose of LDA/LDI per year. Once patients are stable with 1 injection per year, we may be able to lengthen the time between doses further.

  • What are potential side effects of low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI)?

    A localized skin reaction is expected with low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) injections. Typical reactions consist of a wheal from 1-5cm in diameter, but may be up to 8cm wide. The wheal may last several days, and slight constant or intermittent redness at the injection site may last up to 3 weeks or longer. Many patients report temporary stinging during or shortly after the injection, as well as mild itching at the site of injection. Your Naturopathic Doctor will fully review potential side effects prior to beginning the injection protocol.

  • Is low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) covered by MSP or Extended Health Plans?

    Your low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) visits will be booked as naturopathic visits. If you qualify for Premium Assistance through MSP, you may qualify for a small percentage of your visit cost to be covered by MSP.

    Most Extended Health plans have coverage that can be applied to naturopathic visits; however, most plans have a limit to their coverage per year. We recommend contacting your insurance provider directly prior to your visit to determine your coverage.

  • I’m pregnant or trying to get pregnant – can I receive low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI)?

    The effects of low dose antigen immunotherapy during pregnancy have not been researched. Until the effects have been fully researched and deemed safe, we are deferring LDI treatment until the post-partum period.

    If you are trying to get pregnant, we may be able to begin the treatment protocol; however, once you are pregnant, injections will be deferred until after childbirth.

  • How often do I need to receive low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) injections?

    Low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) injections are typically provided at 7-8 week intervals. However, time between injections may be lengthened following positive response to treatment. Your Naturopathic Doctor will consider your response to previous injections when recommending a schedule for subsequent injections.

  • Do I need to see a Naturopathic Doctor to receive low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI)? Can I see any of the Naturopathic Doctors at Integrative to receive LDA/LDI?

    Currently only Dr Kuczma and Dr Leah provide low dose antigen immunotherapy (LDA/LDI) at Integrative.

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