Rejuveness System

The Rejuveness System

This innovative technology allows us to deliver a safe electromagnetic wave to that body that can be used for both aesthetic and medical benefit.

The machine was first developed in Italy, and at the Integrative Rejuveness Skin Centre we are pleased to be the only clinic in Vancouver to offer this system to patients.

The Aesthetic Benefits

The electromagnetic frequency emitted by the Rejuveness System can be modified to promote lymphatic drainage and improve microvascular functioning of the vessels. Each session addresses four components of the lymphatic system:

  1. Lymphatic Stimulation: electromagnetic activation of the lymph nodes
  2. Lymphatic Massage: increases circulatory action of the lymphatic vessels and provides physical stimulation
  3. Lymphatic Treatment: tones and improves the elasticity of the vessel walls
  4. Lymphatic Drainage: promotes lymphatic flow and detoxification

At Integrative we have seen patients successfully use the Rejuveness System medically for conditions like arm and leg swelling/edema, Bell’s palsy, and poor circulation.

The Medical Benefits

The Rejuveness System works aesthetically to decrease cellulite, tone the face by tightening muscles and reducing wrinkles, and sculpt the body by firming the abdomen, bosom, or buttocks as desired. Cellulite forms when there is an alteration in adipose tissue and insufficient lymphatic draining. Some people are genetically predisposed to cellulite formation, while other factors in our lifestyle, health and environmental exposure may contribute to this progression. The Rejuveness System applies an electromagnetic frequency over the area of cellulite to promote lymphatic drainage and break down the hardened adipose tissue allowing for natural tissue metabolism from your body.

What Will My First Visit Look Like?

Given that the Rejuveness System gradually tones your tissue and effects small vessel structure both aesthetic and medical treatments are best done as a series. We generally recommend 10 treatments completed 1-2 weekly treatments before reassessment of symptoms and appearance is made. Many people quickly report noticeable changes, however depending on the body area and reason for treatment the speed of results may vary.

Once the initial treatments have been completed the results will last the entire life of the cell, however the increased muscle tone and lifting effects may last much longer. For maintenance most people return on a monthly basis.

How to Book an Appointment

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