One Brain

What is One Brain?

ONE BRAIN ® Kinesiology uses specialized kinesiology and a specific protocol of muscle testing to access the body’s innate wisdom and ability to self-heal. This process can help bring issues to consciousness and at the same time it can release stress and knee-jerk modes of behaviour resulting from these issues. Safe and respectful, the muscle testing protocol guarantees that you will be involved and in charge throughout the session.

The Purpose of One Brain

ONE BRAIN incorporates balancing techniques from a variety of time- tested modalities including: meridian tapping, acupressure, eye movement therapy, visual imagery, brain integration exercises, and the forming of new self-talk cycles. It also uses Age Recession, Structure Function Insights and the Behavioural Barometer to facilitate insights and offer steps toward new choices in behaviour and response.

Muscle Testing can help to identify an age where an event locked stress patterns in the body and mind. This process does not lead to reliving the experience, but rather neutrally identifies the age and circumstances surrounding the initial or causal incident, enabling client and facilitator to better understand present-time responses. Releasing stress patterns developed at that age can help put an end to repetitive negative behaviours – previously stressful situations can then be experienced with greater calm and poise.

Structure Function, or behavioural genetics explores our template for individual expression. Our brain structure correlates to facial structures and these proportions reveal instinctive response patterns. Understanding your preset responses and how they differ from those of the people in your life can clarify existing relationship dynamics.

The backbone of the One Brain system is a chart of emotional and desired states of mind. This Behavioural Barometer is a template to explore patterns of consciousness that explain what we are looking for and how we feel about the absence of what we want. By helping us articulate the stressful emotions we experience, it can provide a roadmap to more supportive behaviours.

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