Neural Prolotherapy

What is Neural Prolotherapy?

Neural Prolotherapy is an effective treatment of many injuries and ongoing joint, tendon, ligament and muscle pain.

It treats the same conditions as Regenerative Injection Therapies, but Neural Prolotherapy treats the joint and muscle pain caused by the inflammation of the subcutaneous nerves – the small nerves that lie just underneath the skin.

Subcutaneous Nerve Pain

Damaged nerve tissues can cause painful conditions called neuralgias or peripheral neuopathic pain and the inflammation of nerves is known to be related to osteoarthritis.

This inflammation of the nerves is different than common inflammation and cannot be treated by anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone shots.

“The pain relief and improved mobility experienced by NPT is remarkable. These injections can work so quickly that the change almost seems unbelievable.”Dr. Maya Kuczma, N.D.
How Does Neural Prolotherapy Work?

By injecting a glucose solution into points along an affected nerve, we can assist repair of the perineurium or outer nerve covering. Healing this connective tissue can reduce your inflammation and relieve your pain.

Neural Prolotherapy at Integrative

Each treatment can be done during an office visit and patients often experience significant relief after one treatment. While the relief may be temporary, any initial benefit indicates that Neural Prolotherapy will ultimately be effective after a course of treatment. Follow-up of four to eight treatments is usually required for lasting pain resolution.

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