Nerve Express

What is Nerve Express Testing?

Nerve Express is a computer-based diagnostic system that assesses your autonomic nervous system and physical fitness by analyzing changes in your your heart rate.

What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

The autonomic nervous system is one of your body’s internal regulation systems. These nerves connect to muscle and organ tissue and control many of the systems that unconsciously keep you alive – digestion, breathing and blood flow.

The autonomic nervous system can be divided into two parts:

The sympathetic nervous system dictates your fight-or-flight response to stress

The parasympathetic nervous systemis charged with your body’s automatic functions like relaxation, sleep and digestion.

Why measure the Autonomic Nervous System?

By measuring the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, we can assess the state of your entire autonomic nervous system and find if you are in a catabolic state (breaking down) or in an anabolic state (building up).

The ideal state is a balance between a sympathetic tone that revs you up and parasympathetic tone that calms you down.

With this information, we can better determine which treatment strategy will be of most effect to you specifically.

Why measure the Autonomic Nervous System?

For the Nerve Express test, you will wear a heart rate monitor strap around your chest hooked up to the Nerve Express computer.

We analyze your heart rate while your body is at rest lying down and in motion standing up and correlate the variations in heart rate to your autonomic nervous system activity.

Through this test, we’ll have a better understanding of how your health responds to certain circumstances, therapies and stress.

Once we go over the results, we can better judge the exact condition of your physical fitness and the status of your nervous system so we can better customize a health program for you.

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