Food Sensitivity

What is a bio-meridian food sensitivity test?

During this test we measure electrical resistance of the skin to assess the level of inflammation in twelve digestive organ related points. Each food has a specific electric frequency and we expose you to the frequency of 150 different foods to determine which ones you’re most sensitive to.

The Bio-Meridian Testing Process And What To Expect

Step 1 – Initial Test

Baseline to test to determine highest food sensitivities

Step 2 – Analysis

We provide results and diet recommendations

Step 3 – Retest

Second test to filter out top sensititives

Food Sensitivity Testing

By taking a blood sample or employing Biomeridian testing we can test for up to 126 common food and food additive sensitivities. After we review the results, we typically prescribe a food elimination program.

The Food Elimination Program

The food elimination program begins with a detoxification process. We will recommend removing foods that you show signs of sensitive to from your diet for 3-6 weeks. Through this time, your body will release stored toxins and begin to rebalance.

Don’t worry, we’ll also suggest alternative foods to replace the foods you’ve removed from your diet. Living without gluten, for example, can be tough at first – we know.

Once the food elimination program is complete, you should have a better understanding of what foods let you function at your best and what foods impair your immune system. We can then tailor your nutrition plan with long-term, but less stringent dietary modifications so you can eat preventatively.

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