Bioterrain Assessment

What is Bioterrain Assessment?

BioTerrain Assessment is a predictive test that tells us your risk factors and tendencies towards chronic degenerative diseases. We use it in conjunction with other screening and diagnostic tests to look for warning signs so we can build a preventative health plan uniquely suited to your risks.

Why Bioterrain Assessment?

Given that we are surrounded by an increasingly toxic environment, it is more important than ever to know what your unique risk factors are so we can focus on prevention now rather than treatment later.

BioTerrain Assessment is also well suited for people already diagnosed with chronic degenerative diseases – like cancer, arthritis and heart disease – as we can closely monitor changes over times and customize the most effective treatments based on them.

The Bioterrain Assessment

The test itself is simple and brief. One of our lab technicians will collect a sample of your urine, saliva and blood. We may also examine a sample of your drinking water as it – along with your diet – strongly affects your body’s terrain.

From your collection samples, we derive a computer-generated BioTerrain result that we’ll discuss with you at your next visit. We’ll address your unique risks and what you can do to avoid them.

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