What is Biomeridian Testing?

Biomeridian testing (also called Electro-Dermal Testing) measures the electrical resistance in acupuncture points that exist in multiple pathways over and throughout your body to give us valuable information about your health.

Biomeridian Testing doesn’t involve needles, scratches or shocks, making it entirely painless and non-invasive.

How Does Biomeridian Testing Work?

Biomeridian testing works by creating a slight potential current between an electrode you hold in your hand and a smaller electrode that we will hold to various acupuncture points.

The Biomeridian computer then measures your skin’s resistance at specific acupuncture points and can help us assess whether inflammation is present locally or somewhere else along the acupuncture meridian.

Based on this testing, we can further examine your response to specific toxins or foods that may be promoting inflammation and evaluate the effectiveness of various medications.

Why Use Biomeridian Testing?

Our body’s initial response to an stressor – be it an injury, infection, depletion or toxicity – is inflammation.

Inflammation is our natural response to a challenge to our integrity. It’s our attempt to remove the noxious stimuli and initiate healing.

Usually, we have what we need to resolve a myriad of challenges that we are exposed to on a daily basis. If not though, inflammation persists and can change the structure and function of our tissues over time. This is when problems can be seen through investigative procedures such as CT scans and ultrasound.

Our healing philosophy is to stop inflammation before it gets to that point. Before it becomes a full-fledged disease.

Biomeridian testing is perfectly in line with this preventative philosophy. It can assess inflammation at a subclinical level, helping us isolate inflammation long before it becomes a bigger problem.

Biomeridian Testing Procedures

The First Test – Organ Scan
The first test scans the organs which can reveal imbalances and areas of stress that could require more in-depth investigation.

These results are not diagnostic. They do, however, supplement other means to diagnose and treat.

Further Testing – Physical Exams and Follow-up

We will then follow up with a physical exam and investigation of your health history to complement the Biomeridian Test. Depending on our findings, we may search for specific issues such as:

  • Toxins
  • Food sensitivities
  • Infections
  • Focal stressors
  • Dental foci

While Biomeridian testing is not a primary diagnostic tool, it can give an excellent indication of an underlying dysfunction that could become a significant health issue. We may recommend regular testing to monitor the progress of the treatment programs prescribed and to determine if there are deeper problems of concern.

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