Applied Kinesiology

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology is a body of knowledge and clinical assessment technique that examines your muscles’ ability to resist in order to gain information about the health of your entire body.

Your muscular system is connected via the nervous system to all parts of your body. By studying how your muscles respond to resistance and other provocations, we can investigate the functional status of all your interconnected systems, organs and tissues.

We take what we learn from Applied Kinesiology tests and add it to other clinical and laboratory tests to create the most comprehensive assessment of your health.

What Can Applied Kinesiology Test?

Applied Kinesiology evaluates all the possible causes of a muscle strength failure—from local causes like trauma, to the muscle itself, to far-reaching changes in body physiology like dehydration or nutrient deficiency.

We can also use Applied Kinesiology to assess biochemical integrity and range of motion to evaluate and treat your posture, balance and gait. Used in conjunction with a functional neurological evaluation, we can monitor your response to a physical, chemical or mental stimulus.

The Applied Kinesiology Test

Your Naturopathic Physician will apply a minimal amount of force to a targeted muscle or muscle group to assess your ability to meet pressure and resist. We’re not analyzing your physical strength per se but instead are looking at the tension in the muscles and the smoothness in the response.

We can also introduce other elements to the test such as an allergen, nutrient, the manual stimulation of an injured area or the isolation of a particular posture to test how your physiology reacts in real time.

If your response is suboptimal—meaning a loss of strength in a normally strong muscle—we can learn what might be required to restore its function.

One of the major benefits of Applied Kinesiology is its immediacy. Right away we can reveal the underpinnings of your condition and can gain direction on what the most effective resolution is for it based on your unique capabilities and limitations.

The Applied Kinesiology Test

Applied Kinesiology was initially developed as a clinical assessment tool by Dr. George Goodheart JR D.C. in 1964 and has been under scientific scrutiny and clinical trial since that time.

It has been shown to be a useful clinical assessment tool when used by trained physicians.

Its usefulness, however, must be seen in the context of a wide clinical approach that uses other supportive testing to evaluate health conditions.

All Naturopathic Physicians at Integrative that use Applied Kinesiology have been trained and examined to the levels required by the International College of Applied Kinesiology for proficiency and safety.

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