Rejuveness System FAQs

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This innovative technology allows us to deliver a safe electromagnetic wave to that body that can be used for both aesthetic and medical benefit. The Magnetic wave frequencies are preset for specified areas, maximizing effectiveness of reducing, smoothing or lifting in the targeted area of the body and face. The Rejuveness system works at the cellular rather than just muscular level to produce lasting results. In addition to tightening and toning muscles, this system counters the effects of aging by retraining the cells to function at a younger level. More efficient ion flow provides a clear channel for fluid movement, therefore improving the detoxification and drainage process. The result is supple skin and visible toning wherever the treatment is applied. The machine was first developed in Italy and at the Integrative Rejuveness Skin Centre we are please to be the only clinic in Vancouver to offer this system to patients.


What is bio vibrational wave and how does this magnetic field affect me?

The Rejuveness System produces an electromagnetic wave that is converted to a he bio vibrational wave. This particular waveform is targeted towards the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers of tissue and the associated connective tissue, lymph and vascular channels. The action of the wave is depends on the exact frequency used and the physiological state of the area treated (ie. tissue health and age). The Rejuveness System promotes drainage and increase cell metabolism for the purpose of detoxification and revitalizing tissue and skin tone.


How does it break down cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by an alteration of the adipose tissue. This highly specific vibration produces local fat cell breakdown, increased connective tissue health, improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. At the muscular level, the Rejuveness System has a tonifying effect on the striated fiber cells. It also improves the skin by increasing the nutrition of the epithelial cells and the level of oxygen and moisture in the malpighian cells at the base layer of the skin. The vascular system is also affected by toning the muscular walls of the vessels thereby reducing distention of the capillaries. The goal is to normalize and reactivating cellular basal metabolic function.


Are there similar machines and technology?

This is a unique technology using electromagnetic wave lengths. There are other machines using micro-current and laser technology, however none of these machines are able to work at the deep cellular level like the Rejuveness System.


How long does it take?

Aesthetically most people require 8 to 12 sessions for optimal face results and 12 to 15 sessions for body toning and reducing cellulite. Medically, depending on your condition, the number of sessions will be recommended by your physician. Each session lasts 45 to 50 minutes.


When can I see results?

For the face, results begin to be noticed within the first few sessions. For other areas of the body results are cumulative and are noticeable within the fourth to sixth session.


How long do the results last and do I need to receive follow-up treatments?

The results are long term. However, for optimum results we recommend that you return every 4 to 6 weeks for maintenance. Maintenance sessions provide support to the cells allowing them to continue functioning at maximum efficiency and retaining the tone and radiance in your body or face.


Is Rejuveness safe? Are there any side effects?

The Rejuveness system is safe and the treatments are very comfortable. There are no side effects. In fact, clients report a sense of well being and deep relaxation post treatment.


Are there other things I can do to increase the benefits of Rejuveness treatment?

We will provide you with recommendations on diet, lifestyle or supplements that will improve your results, detoxification process and lymphatic drainage.


Can I have treatment if I am breastfeeding?

We recommend that treatments for the breasts be done after breast-feeding has been completed. Other areas of the body may be treated while breast- feeding.


Can pregnant women receive treatments?

Although there is no evidence of danger during pregnancy we cautiously recommend that treatments should start postpartum. In fact the Rejuveness system is excellent for restoring postpartum abdominal tone.


Is this better than cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction or facelifts?

This treatment is a natural, non-surgical alternative to cosmetic surgery. There is no pain, complications or extensive recovery time. It is less expensive and there is no interruption in daily life. Many people are pleased with the results seen with Rejuveness treatments and do not pursue cosmetic surgery, however this is a choice based upon personal preference and consideration.


ls there anything I should avoid while having treatments?

No you can maintain your regular lifestyle! Remember that including healthy eating, plenty of water, regular exercises and enough rest will improve your overall health.



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