Pain & Sports Injuries

Searing headaches. Debilitating back pain. Aching joints. Chronic athletic injuries. Pain that’s difficult to describe and diagnose, but oh so real.

You don’t have to be in pain.

Integrative Pain Elimination Therapies

As part of the Integrative Pain Management program, we apply a myriad of therapies to rid you of your pain and eliminate its root cause so you can live your life pain free.

Diagnosing Pain

Pain is often difficult to describe and almost impossible to quantify. That’s why we begin the program by listening – the most vital diagnostic tool – to understand your pain before beginning tests or treatments.

Only then do we begin the clinical examination, using existing imaging, physical exams, laboratory tests and functional assessments to exclude various pathologies and help our diagnosis.

We often use a combination of therapies to treat your pain as each builds upon the other to help you live pain free.

Spinal adjustments and manipulation

Spinal adjustments and manipulations are eminently suited to tackle a range of musculoskeletal issues. They are completely non-invasive and directed at the interplay between your muscles, bones and nervous system.

At Integrative, we often follow a two-step process to remedy any structural misalignment. First, we correct it with a chiropractic style adjustment. Then, we strengthen the surrounding muscles and ligaments to keep our adjustment in the correct position using Regenerative Injection Therapies, strengthening exercises and proper nutrition.

Regenerative Injection Therapies

Regenerative Injection Therapies, which include Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) techniques involve the injection of naturally occurring substances into weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments to encourage your body’s ability to heal itself and reform this tissue.

“Starting as a chiropractor I understand how important physical structure is to overall health.”Dr. Hal Brown, N.D., D.C., R.Ac.
Nervous System Targeted Injection Therapies

Pain may be coming from underlying superficial nerves or over-activity of a central nerve bundle. If this is the case the surrounding nerves and tissues can become inflamed and hypersensitive. Treating these indicated areas with injections of sugar in Neural Prolotherapy or procaine in Neural therapy can provide profound pain resolution.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

By properly aligning the flow of energy throughout your systems with acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies, we can relieve your pain and its root causes.

Massage Therapies

We can apply several different kinds of soft tissue therapies including the rolfing technique that corrects imbalances in your muscles and fascia and promotes relaxation and pain relief.

Herbal and Nutritional Support

Through proper nutrition and herbal supplementation, we can lower your body’s tendency towards inflammation and generation of pain.

Other Supportive Therapies

Other factors that can affect your recovery include your hormone levels, quality of diet, physical fitness and lifestyle. We can work with you to fine-tune all of these issues to improve your wellbeing.

These therapies are remarkably effective and we have achieved a deep wealth of experience in applying them together to rid our patient’s of pain that they thought they would have to suffer through for their lifetime.

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