Stephen Inaba

Certified Advanced Rolfer; Registered Massage Therapist

The basis of my practice is organization, functionality, and integrity coupled with an appreciation of the whole body.

About Stephen Inaba

Stephen is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and Registered Massage Therapist. He is a graduate as well as a past instructor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy.

Stephen’s background in massage therapy, and extensive training and experience in the Rolf method allows him to encourage the body back to balance, and attain a biomechanically efficient structure. This harmony allows for optimal functioning in all aspects of life.

The practical applications that Stephen can offer include increased fluidity and grace of movement, enhanced physical performance both for athletes and in everyday activities, resolution of chronic pain, and psychosomatic release of emotions locked in with body patterns.

Many people report psychological and emotional changes after Rolfing, and a feeling of length and lightness of the body, with joints feeling more well “oiled”.

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In Their Words

Years of practice and continuing education in structural Integration, Rolfing movement, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral and anatomy, summated with completion of my advanced Rolfing training in Berkley California, have given me a solid and creative understanding of Somatic therapy. My interests lie in the foundations and concepts of Dr. Ida Rolf’s teachings. Organization, functionality and integrity coupled with an appreciation of wholism is the basis of my practice.