Dr. Lawrence Chan

Naturopathic Physician, Registered Acupuncturist

If you are ready to embark on the journey to understanding your disease, I would be delighted to help you explore the means by which you can achieve optimal health. My commitment to you is that I will listen without judgment.

About Dr. Lawrence Chan

Dr. Larry Chan is a Naturopathic Physician and Registered Acupuncturist, as well as co-founder of Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre.

Dr. Chan has a strong personal interest in Preventative and Functional Medicine, as well as Age Management (Anti-Aging), Women’s and Men’s Health. The Functional Medicine paradigm of Health considers how the individual’s environment (lifestyle, diet, stress and environmental toxins) can alter genetic expression.

In other words, while the genetic blueprint inherited from our parents is a critical determinant to our health status, it can and will be significantly affected by our choices and environmental influences. This genetic expression can be modulated and impact cancer risk, chronic disease development, and play a role in optimizing your health.

This forms a very real and accessible basis by which we can affect health expression and disease outcomes. This is the focal point for the individualized assessment and treatment of the participating patient. Dr. Lawrence Chan strives to fully integrate his multidisciplinary medical background and personal upbringing into his naturopathic practice.

In Their Words

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine
As a boy, I watched with great interest as my father, uncle and their colleagues practiced Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My ambition was to follow in my father’s footsteps.

I studied martial arts from a young age, and through constant practice, learned the lessons of perseverance and patience. My teachers also taught me to understand how the flow of energy (qi) in our body universally affects health and vitality. These lessons have become a metaphor for the need to strive for constant balance in my own life.

Applied Kinesiology to diagnose and treat
The study and practice of Applied Kinesiology (AK) is central to the development of my working philosophy as a physician.

Applied Kinesiology as a diagnostic and treatment philosophy has allowed me to interact with the big picture of an individual’s health and make the patient the focused priority in my approach.

In essence, it provides me with the ability to precisely assess the Triad of Health – the structural/physical; the biochemical and emotional/spiritual components that make up each individual.

Health of Mind, Body and Spirit – the Integrative Model

I am dedicated to the science of understanding and seeking therapies for the attainment of vitality that will allow patients to live a vibrant, fulfilling and content life.

My training and education as a Naturopathic Physician, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist have allowed me to successfully create one of the largest integrated health facilities in Canada with my partners Dr. Posen and Dr. Brown. Pain and sports medicine including many years optimizing biomechanical ability and working with dancers at Ballet British Columbia and nationally has always been an important part of my practice. I am also trained and certified in Regenerative medicine injection techniques including prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, neural therapy, and neural prolotherapy.

This multidisciplinary centre reflects our philosophy in providing our patients with the best leading-edge diagnostics and therapeutics available in the traditional and natural healing arts.

If you are ready to embark on the journey to understanding your disease, I would be delighted to help you explore the means by which you can achieve optimal health. My commitment to you is that I will listen without judgment and apply energy, skill and the appropriate clinical resources that will assist in the attainment of your health goals.

“… There is temperance in eating and drinking. Their hours of rising and retiring were regular and not disorderly or wild. By these means the ancients kept their bodies united with their soul, so as to fulfill their allotted span completely, measuring into a hundred years before they passed away.”
(Deng Ming-Dao)