Dr. Alex M. Chan

Naturopathic Physician

To serve people on their health journey is an honour and I feel privileged to learn from my patients and fellow practitioners here at Integrative.

About Dr. Alex M. Chan

Dr. Alex Chan is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, and helped initiate the First Certified Naturopathic Residency Program in BC at Integrative. She completed a two-year residency at Integrative before joining the clinic in full-time private practice and as the Residency Coordinator.

Dr. Chan received her Bachelors of Science in Cell Biology and Genetics at the University of British Columbia, and is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

During her naturopathic degree, Dr. Chan was trained as a primary care physician with a background in conventional physiology and pharmacology as well as homeopathy, botanical, and physical medicine.

As a student, Dr. Chan was selected for a specialized cardiovascular and pulmonary mentorship where she deepened her understanding of these systems and associated conditions.  She has a particular affinity for common chronic conditions such as fatigue, high blood pressure and type II diabetes, as well as special interests in pain therapy and structural modalities.

Dr. Chan recognized a need for integrative cancer care and has dedicated herself to gaining experience and specific training in the field of oncology. She uses the full range of services available at Integrative to treat her cancer patients including acupuncture, specific holistic nutrition, intravenous therapy, and mind-body medicine. Each patient receives a unique treatment protocol that is personally tailored and addresses both the cancer and the whole person.  Dr. Chan has received additional training in advanced IV nutrition, neural prolotherapy,prolotherapy, applied kinesiology and manipulative techniques.

In Their Words

Growing up in a family of complementary health care practitioners, I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a Naturopathic Physician. I respect the wisdom of the body and believe that with the right tools we can promote self-healing. I have a particular interest in how naturopathic medicine can work along side conventional care to promote peoples health. With this integrated and complementary philosophy I’m drawn to common chronic conditions like coronary artery disease, heart disease and type II diabetes that are intrinsically linked with lifestyle management.

As well, I  have a particular interest in cancer care. Cancer is a growing epidemic that affects 1 in 3 people in North American society. Many people, including myself, have watched loved ones battle with cancer diagnoses and wished there was something they could do beyond the conventional treatment that is delivered. To this end I have sought out specific training to work with cancer patients and use natural supplements, IV therapy and nutrition as needed to address cancer and the side effects from conventional therapy.

To serve people on their health journey is an honour and I feel privileged to learn from my patients and fellow practitioners here at Integrative.