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February brings hearts in many forms with all the talk of Valentine’s, but did you know that it’s also Heart Month? In the spirit of month I’ll be leading a talk this Wednesday Feb 25, 2015 on “How To Be Heart Smart.” Heart health is something that often gets ignored despite cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of death world wide. More people die annually of heart disease than anything else! Even more shocking is that the major risk factors for heart disease are lifestyle factors like nutrition, exercise and smoking that are all within our control.

Why is it then that we don’t talk about heart disease? The major disconnect happens because most people with reduced heart function feel fine. We don’t notice that something is wrong until a major event like a stroke or heart attack hits – at which point it’s too late. Often times things like high blood pressure and plaque build up with stiffening arteries are completely silent. My hope is to buck the trend-let’s start thinking about heart health before a major event. Even as a young person recognizing how stress spikes blood pressure and puts undue strain on the heart is key. Exploring ways to prevent and reverse heart disease allows us to mediate our outcomes. Through naturopathic management we can recover and optimize your heart function. Join me this Wednesday to discover how…

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Dr. Alex Chan is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and helped initiate the First Certified Naturopathic Residency Program in BC at Integrative. She completed a two-year residency at Integrative before joining the clinic in full time private practice

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