Holiday Kombucha Punch

Keyrsten Mcewan | Minute Read

Health, Nutrition

Happy Holidays everyone! This is my favorite time of the year! Lots of get togethers, catching up, good food, and great company. However, with the holidays come challenges for me and many of the clients that I work with. I see my clients work so hard during the year on their health goals or to lose weight and they don’t want to “ruin” it all during the holiday season.

One of the biggest challenges I hear about is the alcohol piece. There are often many more social occasions than is usual and this means more opportunities to indulge in adult beverages. Instead of telling clients to completely avoid alcohol over the holiday season, as this really isn’t realistic for most, I encourage them to be thoughtful and mindful in their consumption and choose options that won’t totally sabotage all of their hard work!

So, I thought I’d share my favorite low sugar, “healthy?” festive cocktail.

Holiday Kombucha Punch
Option for a non-alcoholic version, too!
· 2 bottles kombucha (any flavor, but a beautiful red color works well at this time of year)
· 2L club soda
· 1 cup vodka, or to taste (look for a locally made craft vodka for something a little different) – optional
· 1 bag frozen cranberries (to keep it cool)
· Other garnish of your choice – rosemary or mint sprigs, raspberries or pomegranate seeds, edible flowers, etc.

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl, stir and add garnishes of your choice.