The Healthy Habits Project: A New Year, New Me Initiative

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What is The Healthy Habits Project?

The Healthy Habits Project is a 1-month, budget-friendly, online quick-start program lead by holistic nutritionist, Rhiannon Lytle, in collaboration* with Vancouver-based personal trainer, Sara Binder. Our goal is to support you with making better choices towards your health and lifestyle through fitness and nutrition.

While nutrition has the largest impact on our health and fitness, we also need movement to complete the package. This is why we’ve teamed up with Sara Binder to create easy-to-follow fitness routines that can be done at home or in the gym.

the healthy habits project

How Much Is It?

Nutrition: $199

*Movement: $99 (can be purchased alone or as an add-on to nutrition guide)

What to Expect


  • 1-month clean eating meal plan that focuses on whole food recipes, that are easy to batch-cook and can fit into a busy lifestyle.
  • What to look for when grocery shopping
  • A simple “how to batch-cook” video
  • Direct email support to help clients navigate meal plans and recipes
  • Weekly challenges to encourage progress


  • Downloadable PDF of a 4-week, detailed fitness program
  • Exercises include strengthening and toning all major muscle groups, properly learning “functional”  movement patterns, improving mobility
  • Demo videos and explanations of all exercises
  • Direct email support
How Do I Sign-up?

Email either Rhiannon or Sara to register:

Rhiannon Lytle –

Sara Binder –

Register now!