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Are you on MSP Premium Assistance?

If so, you can see a Naturopathic Doctor at Integrative under your MSP Coverage.

Dr. Jordan Dutton is a Naturopathic Doctor at Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre and is available on Saturday’s for people on MSP premium assistance to see an ND at reduced rates.

What is ICAP?

Integrative Community Assistance Program (ICAP) is a premium assistance program offered by Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre (INMC) to provide low-cost naturopathic healthcare to the community in Vancouver and its outlying areas. The healthcare services include integrative primary care management, structural assessments, naturopathic and clinical testing, and integrative treatment. ICAP appointments are held every Saturday.

Who qualifies?

The potential patient MUST be on premium assistance through the Medical Service Plan of British Columbia (MSP). If a patient pays full MSP premiums, they do not qualify.

What is the cost?

ICAP ND appointment: $33

  • Well-woman’s exams:
    • Pap Smear and other gynecological testing $15
  • Injection therapies
    • Neural therapy and Neuralprolo injections: $15 per body area
    • IV Push: $25
    • B12 or metabolic IM: $5
  • Clinical lab testing including food sensitivities: 30% regular rates off for ICAP patients
  • Dispensary: All supplements are 30% off for ICAP patients.