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An Integrative Approach to Biohacking

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At its most basic, biohacking is changing the biology and chemistry of your own body.

‘Biohacks’ are effective solutions to problems in the body. Biohacks may improve or correct your brain, body, or emotional state. Naturopathic medicine has a lot in common with biohacking. Both are focused on addressing the cause of symptoms and disease rather than just treating symptoms.

Biohacking and naturopathic medicine are defined by the belief that the body can overcome health issues, and that the health of each part of the body plays a role in the health of the whole person. Most importantly, both naturopathic medicine and biohacking are built on a foundation of empowerment; you, the individual, have the ability to control your health by making changes every day - big or small - to improve it. 

This common ground is what led to the creation of the Integrative Biohacking Program, a Naturopathic Doctor-guided program designed to help biohack your way to the best health possible. The program has two levels, Plunge and Elite:

Whether you choose the Plunge, or the Elite tier, your treatment plan will be based on your test results, as well as your overall goals, and will cover the six Pillars of Biohacking:
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