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Jordan Dutton | Minute Read

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How not to burn out:

One of the biggest things I remember from being a student was the constant burn out. There were late nights, lots of coffees and my was brain running 24/7 at the peak of my learning. Though learning and the opportunity to go to school is truly a gift, nothing is without repercussion. The high stress, change in sleep patterns and pressure that accompanies studying can lead to extreme exhaustion, circadian rhythm changes, decreased adaptation and over worked adrenal glands. Cortisol levels have an intrinsic circadian rhythm and this can be thrown off by anything the body or mind perceives as stressful.

In times of chronic stress, the adrenals have the potential to over react and produce more cortisol than usual in order to maintain our optimal functioning. At first, this increased cortisol production is adaptive, but if maintained over a prolonged period of time (as it often is in students or under other chronic stress), the adrenals can become fatigued, just like any other organ in the body that gets pushed to its limit. Eventually, if adrenal fatigue goes unaddressed it can lead to a multitude of issues such as chronic fatigue, depression, low blood pressure, dizziness, blood sugar dysregulation, memory and concentration problems, hair loss, joint and musculoskeletal pain – to name a few.

There is an infinite number of things we can do to support our stress response and prevent burn out. These range from herbal tonics, mindfulness techniques, nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements, IV therapy, homeopathy, exercise and can even sometimes include low dose pharmaceuticals such as bio-identical hydrocortisone. As a doctor it’s important to address the uniqueness of each individual and for you as the patient to recognize when something is missing and something feels off. Know your body and know the signs of chronic stress. If you are starting to feel run down, act now. As I always say, it is much easier to prevent illness than it is to chase it.

Studying is to passing as prevention is to wellbeing. The biggest motivation this school year should be to protect yourself from external stressors so that when the unexpected occurs, you are able to maintain your composure and your focus under life’s duress. Here at Integrative we can do a multitude of interventions to help you manage your stress and build your body up to be resilient and reliable.

My study kit includes:

  1. Ginger Manuka Lozenges to soothe a stress out tummy
  2. Neurapas – A combination of Hypericum, Passiflora, Valeriana
  3. Immune Warrior Blend Tea
  4. Calendula cream – paper cuts are inevitable, as is a stress rash.
  5. DigeZyme
  6. Adrenal Blend Tincture
  7. Meyers Push – which we can customize
  8. Greens First Powder
  9. PascoFlair – calms my mind before sleep
  10. Protein Powder for breakfasts on the go
  11. Go Macro Bar – a high protein snack and meal replacement
  12. Vitamin D3
  13. Broccofusion stick  – mitigates stress induced breakouts
  14. Ener C packet
  15. Rescue Remedy Bach Flower
  16. Brain Energy Formula, memory or cognition formula